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Welcome to Jairam Yoga Center

Jairam Yoga centre is not just a Yoga center, it is a dream of Shri Manmohan Yogi who himself is a Gold medalist in Yoga and practising Yoga for last 15 years.
Manmohan Yogi is a pupil of Swami Ramdev. His fantasy is to make the nation healthy by spreading awareness of benefits of Yoga. With this vision, Jairam Yoga centre was started in year 2015 in Palam. Name Jairam is placed on the name of his beloved parents, father Late Mr. Jaishankar and mother Mrs. Ram Phool Devi.
Offering a deep, connected, healthy and spiritual experience with SH. MANMOHAN YOGI as your guide towards a better life, you will embark on a journey of health and happiness. With outstanding attention devoted to practical training and personal attention to each student, SH. Manmohan Yogi has brought changes in the lives of Hundreds of people. Many kids who were not even able to stand straight, are now not only walking on their feet and started running also.

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