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Weight Loose With Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda is an effective form of treatment which has been used in India since ancient times. Some popular forms of ayurvedic treatments are to keep clove under the teeth in case of toothache, applying turmeric paste over the wounds in case of an injury, advising a woman to drink ajwain water to soothe the pain in case of menstrual cramps, etc. But, with the popularity of allopathy in the Indian households, the practice of using the above-mentioned remedies is declining as people consume allopathic medicines for quick relief.Because of this we have started downplaying the benefits of these ayurvedic medicines which existed way before other forms of treatment occurred.

Ayurveda is not popular because it has been overshadowed by allopathic medicines, which also have some side effects. To lose weight, people rely on a variety of medications and run to the gym, but due to a busy lifestyle they do not have a routine to follow the time.